Monday, January 16, 2012

What we all spend out days doing lately!

      HAHA, THINKING BACK. Who remembers Myspace.. lol, I loved designing backgrounds, and changing my song, and adding picures, I loved whenever I saw the T-shirts saying U look better on MYSPACE. It used to crack me up. Now all I do is post, tweet, reblog, blog, and email or im. I can't get my hands off the computer all day long. From facebook, to twitter, to tumblr, to blogging, to just plain out emailing. Social Networking has taking over all of us. Including texting, I can't remember a family dinner where the 4 of us didn't have our cell phones off, it's crazy. Teens are up late at night, Adults are on there phones or at work all day long on these websites. THERE ADDICTING. I love it!! haha

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