Sunday, January 15, 2012

What exactly is the game of football? (For women)

NO CLUE REALLY.. I know there are 2 teams, and when one team, has the ball and runs to there side and reaches a certain line it's called a touch down.. My goal in the next few minutes is to find out 5 things about football..

1.Offense moves the ball up and down the field to score points.
2. Defense doesn't have the football and their job is to keep the other team from scoring.3.The goal line separates the end zone from the rest of the field. The offense tries to cross his line to score a touchdown.
4. The Y-shaped structures on each end of the field are goal posts. The goal posts are 18 feet, six inches apart. They are 30 feet tall and the crossbar is 10 feet off the ground.
5.The field is 100 yards long. The yards are counted up to 50. The 50-yard line is the center of the field. Each team has its own half of the field.

I am going to start watching the game a lot more! AND I GUESS A SHOUT OUT! GO DOLPHINS!!

Here is a video to teach woman about football:

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