Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I am officially 19!! One more year and I will be out of my teens! My birthday was Thursday September 8. Friday I went out to dinner with my moms side of the family, it was a lot of fun. I missed my grandfather so much, but I know he was looking down and smiling at all of us! It was also Eli's 17th birthday!

Saturday, I had a party with all my friends, and it was so much fun having everyone over!! Most of my friends came!!! It meant so much to me having everyone with me for my birthday!! Here are some pix!

I had a very healthy cake, it was a fruit salad, covered with sugar free cool whip, and my name in blueberries.
My parents really went all out as host, and I am so thankful to them for making me have a wonderful party!!

Life is starting to head where I want it to be, I am starting to feel more like my happy self again!! Looking forward to this year being a GREAT one!! 


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