Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day in the City

Today I went into New York City with Barbara who I met in Utah!!! We had sooo much fun, and it was really great to see her!!! We took the train in, which was cool!! My exercise for the day was a ton of walking, feels good!! I don't know how people who live din the city do that every day though..

We went to lunch at:

Where i proceded to CRACK SOME NUTS.....

It didn't work out so well, thank goodness Barbara new hot to crack nuts, we would have been there all day... lol

Then we went to see:

Yep.. WICKED!!! I was ecstatic when Barbara told me we were going to see it, it was a surprise, I had seen it once before, but it was so much better in the city... 

All in all Today was a great day, here is a pic of me and Barbara!


So if you ever get a chance I highly recommend going to see Wicked in NYC!!! If you have never been to NYC I highly recommend going to the city there is no place like it!!

Well thats all for today!!


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