Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hey everyone,
I thought that a good blog topic would be about relaxation techniques. Relaxation was never something that came easy to me, but i think everyone needs at least 10-30 min a day of relaxing, maybe even more.
Some ways to relax are:
Queit time, laying down, maybe taking a nap. Everyone's days get very hectic but it is always good to take a few minutes to breathe.
Meditating can also be helpful, for some helpful tips check out
At times when we feel anxious, someways to relax and refocus are going for a walk, coloring (it may sound childish but it is actually very calming)
Another thing that can be helpful is journaling, I know again keeping a diary may see kiddish, but truthfully writing down how your feeling can be so soothing, it's an outlet. There isn't always people around that you can run and go to, so journaling is also something that is helpful.

I am a person who is always on the go, a planner, can't sit still, but recently I have tried to add more relaxation into my day and it is truly helpful!!!

I hope this may help some how!


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