Wednesday, April 20, 2011


In 5 days it will mark one month since I gave been home from Utah.. I can't believe it.. I've been so busy time has just flew by.... Between working at 24 Hr fitness kids club, which I love! Perfect job for me... Working out at Synergize and Crossfit, and babysitting I have been non stop! 
   I miss Utah a lot, the people, the gym, the food, even the purple line! Everyone there was supportive, they knew what we were going through and they helped us... Sticking to the diet has been hard, but I am doing it.. I have treated myself a little but I have lost 2 pounds in a half since I hAve been home, not a lot, but still it's going in the right direction. 
 I've been dealing with a minor injury in my right heel I have planter fascinates and a heel spur... Extremely painful. I can't put any impact on it, no jumping or running. Luckily I can still spin, row, swim, weights, it sucks cause I was really starting to enjoy running.. The pain is horrible. It hurts to walk..I do the stretches the dr old me to do. And I just have to pray it heels soon! 
      I've been having the fitness chefs prepare food for me, they are soo good!!! They bring it to me every few days. Its real food, not frozen like Jenny Craig.
       I also am studying to become a personal trainer through ACE, which I am really excited about. My goal one day is to open up a teen weight loss center...
      So life is good, I can't complain.. I miss everyone in Utah like crazy but I am happy to be home with my family! 
  I want to give a shout out to Dustin and Tawny who had a baby on 4-19, an adorable baby boy named Crew Alexander, and also to Zack and Dawna who had a baby 2 weeks ago named Joshua Natan who is gorgeous and very cuddable!!
A few more babies are to be born soon, and I can't wait to meet them!!!
Oh, gas is seriously ridiculous, I have a tiny toyota corola and it takes $46 buckaroos when it used to only take $26 to fill up.
The weather here in Florida is really nice, hot though!!! Not raining a lot which is good! Perfect beach/ pool weather....

So Happy Passover and Easter to everyone!!

That's all for now,

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