Saturday, April 30, 2011

Favorite Store And Update on me!

The winner is....TARGET!

Target is simply the most amazing store on earth. Well at least in my opinion! Some of the reasons are: 
It has everything! I can go clothes shopping, they have the cutest clothes, that aren't out of this world expensive. They have things for the house. They have electronics, movies, books, DVDs! Most stores carry grocery items now! It's a one stop store.... Most people say it's just like target and walmart well I say it's a 100 times better! The stuff has much better quality! Whenever I get ready to go on a trip, or my back to school clothes and accessory shopping I always went to target! They have a great arrangment of toys as well! They have adorable picture frames! I can go on and on! I'm sure everyone has been to target, so I just thought I'd like to share the reasons why I love target!!! 

I know I don't blog often enough, there just isnt much going on. Its been a month since I've been back from Utah and it's had its ups and downs!  

Here are a few things I would like to share:
1. Happy 13th Birthday to my little sister! Welcome to the teenage years..
2. The Royal Wedding was a beautiful ceremony, and her dress was so gorgeous/elegant/sexy!!!
3. Water for elephants was a great movie, had emotional scenese! Highly recommend it but not to be scene with kids!
4. Kids movies to see: Hop and Rio, both awesome!
5. My heel is getting worse so I am
Officially taking a break from
Workin out, cause even regular walking hurts!
6. My grandfathers unveiling(removing the cover of the stone) is tomorrow, and I wrote a nice speech.
7. Getting a massage every other week is very rewarding!
8. If you can work out and live locally in south Florida check out Synergize (Crossfit) and Ellens on university near stirling) both amazing but killer workouts! 
9. A song that helps me relax is For Good by Wicked the musical, but my friend Lili sings it much better!
10. My family is AMAZING!

Well that's all for now, I'll blog soon! Hopefully!


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