Sunday, March 6, 2011

Push it to the limit!!!

Hey everyone, sorry it has been so long since I have blogged. I have been either too busy, or to tired to write. This week was awesome! I started personal training with Derek and Michele and they are awesome! I do miss seeing Rob though, he was extremely motivational, but Derek and Michele are awesome. I have found a new love for spining, padded shorts, a paded seat, and spin shoes are now part of my wardrobe, and my goal is 3 spin classes a week now. Friday we did a sprint triathlon, which is a 5k run, 6 miles on a spin bike, and 15 laps in the pool, and I completed it in 2 hrs 15 min and 11 seconds, it was truly an amazing feeling. The best part of the week was my dad coming to visit! We got to go to Salt Lake and went to Temple Square, it was very pretty, saw lots of brides and grooms taking pictures. Then we went back to Real Life and got to see Lili sing Taylor the Latte boy, and For good, honestly hearing her sing was amazing, her voice made me tear up. She was so good. Saturday, we went back for weighin and I was 2.5 lbs down, which means 32.2 lbs down total in 9 weeks! Saturday was bittersweet, because a lot of the clients who I bonded with were leaving, I will truly miss them, they helped me get passed the last few weeks, and I can't thank them enough! I hope to keep in touch with them. My roomate Lili also left, she also went on vacation in Florida, she is a lucky Friday night I went to see the Adjustment Bureau with my dad and Brad, the movie was really good, there was romance in it. My dad says it was one of the best movies he has seen in awhile. Saturday we went up to Park City and roamed around and at night went to a Jazz basketball game and the won! It was extremely different from a heat game. Today, which is Sunday, I'm just hanging around watching tv with my dad. He is leaving around 4 :(. I am so happy my dad came to visit! He says I look really good!
So the reason my blog is called push it to the limit, is because although I have taken a huge step and work really hard,  I still want to work even harder. The next 3 weeks, I am going to literally push myself to the limit until I can't anymore. I am going to give everything a 120% and just hopefully reaching my goal of being under 200 lbs when I go home, where I will continue to loose weight. I have grown up and matured a lot while I am here and I can't wait to go home and see everyone.

Talk soon,

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