Saturday, March 26, 2011

Leaving Utah...

12 weeks ago I was a totally different person. Hiding in food... Now I 
love myself, I am confident, grownup, mature, and have goals and wants 
in life.. Real life fitness and health helped me push myself to limits 
I didn't know I had. I actually enjoy working out now, from spinning 
to zumba and even running intervals. I am looking forward to working 
out 1 1/2 to 2 hrs a day, and eating healthy. I am never going to put 
weight back on and I am going to continue losing weight. I met the 
most amazing people in Utah, my trainers and other real life staff, 
employees at treehouse athletic club and all my gym friends. And of 
course my fellow real lifers. You all helped me through 12 hard but 
amazing life changing weeks. I can't thank you all enough! I am going 
to miss you and I hope one day I can come back and visit. I am so sad 
to leave Utah , but so so excited to come home and see all my family 
and friends who I have missed so so much! I hope they see how much I 
have grown and changed, because I am so happy! I am so different and 
motivated for the better. This was one of the most amazing experiences 
of my life and I will never forget it . I am looking forward to my 
come home party and seeing family and friends. I also look forward to 
start babysitting again! I missed all my little munchkins.
So total weightloss was 43 and a ton of inches, and down 7% body fat 
and a new healthy attitude and want for living a healthy lifestyle!!!


After PIX

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