Monday, February 14, 2011

Makeout Point and Bieber Fever and Happy Valentines Day

Sorry I haven't written in so long, I have just been super busy and a tad lazy. lol. To start off with the superbowl party was fun, Deb's family was very welcoming! I then went out with her daughter Chelsea and her friend Pat to Salt Lake City. So beautiful at night, the lights are just gorgeous, and I saw the capitol and the temple. I would like to see it during the day though as well, We went up to engisn peak which is also called makeout point lol, and you can see the whole city with the lights bright, just gorgeous! Then I came home and hung out for a little with Lili who is now my roomate! She is amazing and very motivating, and I can't wait to hear her voice sing one day soon I hope. I recently started reading a book called Heart of a Lion by Derek George, it is a memoir of him writing about how his son was boring with only half his heart working, Derek is a friend of my dad's and I have actually met John Paul who the book is based on and he has impacted my life when I met him and now reading about his life. I highly reccomend it, I haven't been able to put it down. Last week, had its ups and downs, but I lost 3 lbs, which makes me 24 lbs less, and went into this week 7 extremely motivated. Friday we went horse drawn sleigh riding and saw elk, it was lots of fun, and it was cool being able to meet some of the new people in the long car ride! This weekend, I got my 1st facial which was very relaxing, and then layed in bed, caught up on tv shows and sleep sat and sunday, but saturday night I went out with Lili and Brad to have Sushi and see Never Say Never, and ok I admit I am a little hung up on Justin Bieber lol. Today was a great start to week 7, I ran 7 1/2 minutes straight, I burned 4500 calories, I ran every ladder in bootcamp, and just really pushed myself! I am going to make every day till March 26 like today! I feel good! I am also getting better at bowling! One last thing, Happy Valentines Day, although I didn't have a valentine, I made myself my valentine! Well since I didn't sleep much last night, I am going to shower and relax!

talk soon,

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