Sunday, February 6, 2011

21 pounds down in 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been an amazing week. Starting last friday, I ended up going out with my friend Mckenzie who works at the gym, and a few of her friends! We just hung out at her house, but it was really nice getting out and being with people close to my age! Nicole left last week and I miss her, but she is moving to Utah in 2 weeks! Also last weekend, I spent the weekend with my trainer Jesse and his family, and they have 2 cute kids, so it was lots of fun! I got to experience a Mormon church service, and make a healthy homemade pizza! It was nice. This week went by so fast, and I really worked out my hardest ever while I have been here. I also am going to have my own personal training twice a week with a treehouse trainer Rob, and it's going to be bootcamp and crossfit style training, in 30 minutes I burned 400 calories. This week I didn't do to much running because of my shin splints, but they seem to be healed so I am going to start running tomorow! Wednesday I took a spill down the stairs and bruised my bum, but i am ok. My mom came late friday night and I got to see her Saturday morning!! I was SOOO HAPPY!!! We got to hang out! Go to dinner and a movie, SHOPP, and went bowling, she is much better then I am. I hate that she already had to leave, but I am so glad I got to see her. My new roomate comes today! I won't get to meet her till the morning though, because my friend Deb, invited me to go with her family to watch the Superbowl, so I am superexcited!!! So I am looking forward to an exciting week, and I am going to continue to work my hardest. I ALSO WANT TO WISH MY TRAINER JESSE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Jesse if it weren't for you I wouldnt have made it in this program.

Talk soon,

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