Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 4..

This week went by fast. I am not 100 % ok with how I did, but I am definitly getting better. I just wasnt feeling to good this week, and had a little trouble sleeping. Things are much better now and I am excited for the weekend. My mom comes in one week and I am so excited, I really miss my family. I just got feather extensions put in my hair, they look so cute!!! Tonight, which is friday I am going to dinner and the movies with Nicole, Brad, and Jen, since Nicole is heading home tomorow!!! This week I went swimming twice, and I really forgot how much I love to swim. I am making a lot of friends around the gym, and they are really sweet people. Christy is in the office a lot more and it makes me really happy since she is awesome. A lot of people who got here when I did, are leaving this week and it makes me a little sad. I will miss some of them! WEll I am in a really good mood, and I don't have to much to write. So ttfn.


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