Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Real Life Fitness and Health is AMAZING!!! I love the trainers, the food, the gym, the lockerroom. I am not going to lie, it has been tough and i am real achy, luckily i brought epson salt. I tried Spinning, that was achy, i need to go and get a seat cushion before i do that again. Zumba and Brenna the trainer are freaking awesome, also a class called raising the barre with ballet techniques was really hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yea today, i went in a machine called the Bod Pod, looks like an egg. I feel good, burning a lot of calories. Today we went to a place called boondocks, similar to boomers. We did laser tag, which burns 100 calories in 6 min and I felt like a little kid again. So all in all, I am wiped physically. I am keeping my body on Florida time, so that i dont get tired. I miss home a little, not to much YET.


  1. I miss Utah! LOL It sounds like you're having an awesome time. I wish they'd been offering the Bod Pod thing when I was there. It's much more accurate than caliper testing. I've been looking around for a local place to have mine done. Laser tag is the best!!

  2. Sarah, this is a terrific opportunity. I love the way you are embracing it and attacking the challenge. I can't wait to see you when you get back. Make the most of this. I am jealous.
    Best of Luck,
    Jonathan Garber