Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Overcoming Obstacles

Today has been an amazing day. I really am starting to push myself harder. I woke up this morning and said an affirmation to myself, that I am worth it and that I am not going to let myself down and just push myself. I want to reach my goal of losing 60 pounds. I have lost 9, so in 10 wees I have 51 more to lose! I know I can do it, I am not going to let myself fail. I know that as long as I push myself until I honestly can't anymore. So my trainer Jesse, who is now my JILLIAN (from the biggest loser) is pushing me harder, he is great although I am terrified of him at times. He is helping me overcome all my obstacles. I feel good and extremely sore today. I think all of you should fly out to Utah and come work out with me. I miss you guys. Well off to play laser tag.



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