Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I feel like I really improved this week. I am pushing myself, and it is getting easier to walk up stairs meaning when I get to the top I am not gasping for air.  Today I ran for 11 minutes with only walking 9 minutes in a 20 minute time limit. I was so proud of my self! The trainer told me he was really impresed with me. Boot camp was awesome and tough at the same time, lot's of lunges today. I found out I have to have oral surgery on one of my roots, but I am going to try and stall that as much as possible, because I don't want it to interfere with my goals. I don't know how to explain it, but I feel better, so much more energy. When I go home on March 26 I will be a complete new person. A tip I am using when times feel tough is picturing the new me at the end of all this. I am getting better at bowling without bumpers, but still get a gutterball often. Laser tag and air hockey are also fun.. I am really homesick, but thankful I get to talk to everyone back home! SO NICOLE WHO IS MY REAL LIFE FITNESS AND HEALTH ROLE MODEL WHO HAS LOST ALMOST A 100 POUNDS IS COMING BACK FOR 2 WEEKS AND SHE WILL BE MY ROOMATE!! I AM SO EXCITED, SHE IS 21 AND SHE IS JUST AMAZING, SHE IS ONE OF THE REASONS I CHOSE THIS PLACE, JUST BY THE WAY SHE TALKED ABOUT IT. WE HAVE A BOND AND WE HAVEN'T EVEN MET YET, she approved to be written about fyi. lol!!!

So that is really all for now...



  1. Good job Sarah! Keep it up, I'm proud of you!!!

  2. Nicole was my room mate when I was in Utah too, well after my third week she became my room mate. She was so awesome we actually hated each other at first, but after we connected we were like partners in crime best buds, she is a great person and you'll have a blast with her. She's honestly one of the best friends I've ever had, she picked me up when I was down, put me in my place when I was wrong or stupid or putting myself down, told me to shut up when I talked to much, lol she's seriously a great person...I really wish I was there, now that I'm back on my diet doing the Biggest Loser where I work she is my total inspiration and I cant wait to come back in August...I miss all my Real Life people...Have fun...Tell OC that CD said YOOO!