Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well I just had my massage. I feel so much better, with all the working out I am doing, I was really starting to burn out. I wasn't feeling that well earlier today so I did the best I can. Yesterday, I felt as if I was to sick to get out of bed, but I did, took tylenol and worked out all day.. I took a kickboxing class today and absolutely loved it!!! The only thing I dislike is intervals which is either running on a treadmil for 30 seconds and then walking a minute for 20 minutes, we are able to use the bike or eliptical as well! I am a little homesick, but glad I am able to call home. Today we went bowling and it was fun! I feel like a little kid going on feildtrips in day camp. Tomorow there will be NO INTERVALS, and we are going tubing, I am a tad nervous for that, but one of the activity directors said she will go down with me so I will give it a try... I am working on overcoming one fear each day..

Well ta ta for now,

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