Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day one in Utah...

First, I took a 5 hour flight to Phoenix to connect to an hour and a half flight to 
Salt Lake City, Utah. Kind of obnoxious because for some apparent 
reason it takes extremely long to get to Phoenix when supposedly from 
Florida to Utah is supposed to be 3 hr 50 min. But wtv. Lol. Another 
obnoxious thing is they didn't even playi movies on the long flight. 
The time has changed and it's 2 hr difference....
So at the airport in pheonix I ran into my Mexican friends from the 
cruise. It's crazy how small this world is
Saying goodbye to family was hard, I didn't cry although I felt like I 
was going to, I will miss them all very much...ahh, I already miss 
everyone :/...
Utah is so nice... It's 30 degrees out. My apartment is so nice. I had 
my own room and bathroom!!
Ok real life fitness and health seems amazing!!! Everyone that works 
here seems so nice, and the people seem great! I can't wait to work 
out tomorow.... Oh one of my trainers looks the will shuster from 
Well I'm going to skype now with my family.


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